Committed the the future of game audio,
we’re here to make your game sound as good as it looks.

Creating  and programming soundtracks, soundscapes,
sound effects and other custom compositions is our talent.
Evoking all ranges of human emotion is our passion.



Well integrated sound and music can make a game iconic.  Yet the field of game sound design grows more and more competitive because game producers demand sound that is at once experimental, purely emotional and fearless in it's composition.  Fortunately, we are too.

Established by two lifetime musicians with a strong background in music production from Berklee College of Music, MojoFilter Media's process is to create a collaborative partnership with the developers we work with.  We don't just create music and sound, but also bring the ever important programming element into the mix, allowing us to integrate with your project build in real time.  

Resourceful and technologically equipped, we understand the human scope of music and the pace of project programming.  We imbue our work from soundtracks to sound effects with a synthesis of artistry, tech-savvy,  and integration innovation to ensure your vision emerges through compelling sound design. 


Equipped to make some noise
in the gaming industry.

With a canny understanding of the tools of the gaming industry, MojoFilter Media approaches technology
with the passion of musicians and the precision of professionals.

We don't just make music, we program and code it, saving you invaluable timed cost on your project,
and allowing us to truly behave as a member of your production team.


You Sound Amazing.

Our work touches a wide range of audio production needs - with experience from podcasts to mobile games, we can make your project sound the way it’s meant to.



  • Video Games

  • Podcasts

  • Soundscapes

  • Voice Over


  • Iconizing Themes

  • Ambient Soundtracks

  • Recording & Mixing

Sound Design

  • Vivid Sound Effects

  • Evolving Soundscapes

  • Adaptive Implementation