Our TAKE on Sound Design.

The gaming industry is a vast frontier with plenty of room for bold vision and innovation.  This is where MojoFilter Media fits in.  Creating sound design for the new leaders in this field requires a sense of fearless innovation.   So that's how we approach the work.

We think the human tool of listening is useful for more than music.  We pay careful attention to the goals and objectives of the developers we work with, striving to hear their project goals as clearly as possible.  Successful sound design is a precision game, not a random shooter.

MojoFilter Media disagrees that "more is more."  Excess is not the measure of success.  Instead, we we think there's both beauty and practicality in a refined approach to even a wild prospect.   We don't complicate the creation process.  We think a streamlined approach is not only elegant, it is also efficient in a game development workflow. 



Born in Boston, Massachusetts, MojoFilter Media was the result of merging the talents and drive of two young musicians, Chase Harris and Alex Berner.  Alex and Chase met while studying at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, and fast discovered both had a passion for the marriage of sound and experience.

Currently they work in collaboration with game developers to create a streamlined approach to gaming sound design.

Who we are
becomes how
we create.


Alex and Chase know that true creative professionals are not the ones who seek to repeat the same success over and over.  It's about seeking to grow your skills further and challenging your previous standard.  It is who they are as people that makes them exceptional producers of sound in the gaming industry,


Alex Berner

Raised in upstate New York, Alex is proud of his rural roots and strong family ties.  But he grew to love big city life in Boston, Massachusetts when he attended Berklee College Of Music.  

Raised playing the clarinet, and later guitar, his passion for music and sound fell into creation at an early age.  

A lover of variety, exploration of ideas and creativity, Alex has always been compelled with the synergy of music and action, and soundtrack design soon became a near obsession.  Having studied in the studios of Remote Control Productions in Los Angeles, Alex understands the intersection of industry and artistry with insight.

Chase Harris


Chase grew up in  Ann Arbor, Michigan where his love of the video game world began. Savvy in technology from an early age, Chase has nonetheless always been  both artist and geek - playing drums by age 8, and programming by 14. This dual knack allows Chase to straddle efficient production while still engaging a creative spirit. 

Attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts provided revelation for a person driven to merge technological savvy with artistic mastery. Looking at sound through the lens of realism  allows him to connect disjunct ideas of sound and vision into synergistic experiences.