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Free consultation

No two games are the same - our first step is to get to know your needs and figure out what’s best for your project. You shouldn’t have to pay for that, either. That’s why our first meeting and project estimate are provided free of charge. In our consultation we will evaluate:

  • The audio needs for your project - how much music, what kinds of sounds, etc.

  • The resources it’ll take to get the job done

  • How much time, based on your project timeline

OBjectives - skin in the game

We believe in belief - you’re invested in your project, and you want a team that’s invested in your project, too. That’s why we make it our imperative to work within your budget - even if you don’t have one - and timeline to deliver the best audio experience possible.


Level 1


  • Theme Song

  • 6x music loops (1-2 minutes each)

  • 3-5 Ambiences

  • 20-30 SFX

  • Basic Narration/VO

  • BONUS - Detailed implementation guide

Level 2


  • Original Theme Song & Trailer Music

  • 10x adaptive music cues (1-3 minutes each)

  • 1-2 Source Music Cues

  • 5-10 Ambiences

  • 30-100 SFX

  • Some VO, up to 4 actors

  • Full Wwise session w/ detailed documentation

Level 3


  • Original Theme Song, Multiple Trailers, Cutscene Music, Theme Variations

  • 15-20x adaptive music cues (1-3 minutes each)

  • 5 Source Music Cues

  • 10+ Ambiences

  • 100+ SFX

  • Full Voice Over Package

  • Behind-The-Scenes content

  • Full implementation in game engine

We work with projects of all budgets and sizes.