Our TAKE on Sound Design.

The gaming industry is a vast frontier with plenty of room for bold vision and innovation.  This is where MojoFilter Media fits in.  Creating sound design for the new leaders in this field requires a sense of fearless innovation.   So that's how we approach the work.

We think the human tool of listening is useful for more than music.  We pay careful attention to the goals and objectives of the developers we work with, striving to hear their project goals as clearly as possible.  Successful sound design is a precision game, not a random shooter.

MojoFilter Media disagrees that "more is more."  Excess is not the measure of success.  Instead, we we think there's both beauty and practicality in a refined approach to even a wild prospect.   We don't complicate the creation process.  We think a streamlined approach is not only elegant, it is also efficient in a game development workflow.