Laying Down the Vlaw w/ Viva Frei

In this episode, we speak with Viva Frei - a former Lawyer turned YouTuber who we know for his VLAWGS: Videos explaining legal concepts, ideas, and happenings in terms that lawyers and non-lawyers alike can understand. We talk about his journey from becoming a lawyer to becoming a YouTuber, and what kinds of content he covers, as well as more philosophical questions like how a lawyer could defend someone they know to be guilty. His dogs even try to make a brief cameo appearance.

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BONUS - GORUCK DC Star Course 50-Miler AAR

On May 17th-18th 2019, the MojoFilter Team (Chase & Alex) took part in the GORUCK DC Star Course 50-Mile endurance event in Washington, DC. We finished in just over 19 hours (with 20 being the cutoff). This episode is an after-action report in which we give our thoughts on the event, including philosophy, mindset, route, gear, and everything in-between.

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Putting Numbers on Things w/ Jacob Falkovich

In this episode, we speak with Jacob Falkovich, the author of the blog Put A Num On It. We speak with Jacob about how he goes about analyzing problems and using numbers to make decisions. We get his thoughts on various issues, including anti-natalism, dating, and more.

As always, the episode will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts!

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The Hero's Journey w/ Bob Walter

Bob Walter is the President and a co-founder at the Joseph Campbell Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and expanding on the works of Joseph Campbell. In this episode, we talk about Bob’s journey, Joseph Campbell, and Campbell’s works. Specifically, we touch heavily on the mythical schema Campbell laid out in The Hero With a Thousand Faces - The Hero’s Journey - and how it applies to myths, stories, and our lives.

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Stoic Practice w/ Massimo Pigliucci and Greg Lopez

In this episode, we speak with Massimo Pigliucci and Greg Lopez, co-authors of the new book A Handbook for New Stoics. We’ve covered stoicism before, but in this conversation we explore new territory by talking about stoic foundations and practice, especially in regards to the practical exercises laid out in A Handbook for New Stoics.

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Philosophy w/ JR

In our Season 2 opener, we talk with Chase’s high school philosophy teacher, James Robert (better known as JR to his students). Our conversation touches JR’s introduction to the study of philosophy and how he started teaching it to his students. We talk extensively about his class, and in particular the “Council of Philosophical Inquiry” or just “Council” for short. The Council became a famous feature of his class and for good reason - as you’ll hear in the episode, it was a way of helping students examine their lives as they hadn’t before, and in a critical time of development for young people. We also touch on meditation and the meaning of life.

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Systems of Illusion w/ TheraminTrees

Episode Notes:

For this episode, our conversation with Link a.k.a. TheraminTrees - a YouTuber who makes videos tackling systems of illusion, manipulation, and abuse, especially in religious communities. We discuss some common manipulation tactics used by abusers, as well as how to deal with them. We also touch on discourse around religion, ideas, and normalization of non-belief.

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