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Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Before CANE - Chapter 1: Ghosts took shape, we started by building a “proof-of-concept” game in Unity. We ultimately changed the direction for what we were producing, so this 3d concept game became known as “Springvale: Vestigial Melody,”. While our production goals might have gone elsewhere, this project still stands as a testament to what we can pull together with very limited resources. Our main focus form SV:VM was:

  • Story
  • Characterization
  • Music

During the development process we learned a lot about the resources it takes to create a great video game. We worked with a writer, a concept artist, and a 3d artist, as well as voice actors and musicians. There were some setbacks along the way, but each of these provided a unique opportunity for us to analyze and asses our process, which lets us better predict and better overcome any future roadblocks.

Here's the full Vestigial Melody soundtrack, as well as a quick video of one of one of the choir recording sessions.

Full Credits for Springvale: Vestigial Melody

  • Director - Alex Berner
  • Composer - Alex Berner
  • Narrative Architect - Chris Presto
  • Scriptwriting - Chris Presto
  • Creative Direction - Alex Berner, Chris Presto
  • Project Management - Chase Harris
  • Programming (Unity) - Chase Harris
  • Marketing Research & Consultation - Cody Kostbar
  • Concept Art - MJ Pajaron
  • 3D Character Models - Abraham Leal
  • Voice Acting
    • Narrator - Drew Hoyt
    • Ira Alvar - Drew Hoyt
    • Celia Haar - Paige Sklar
    • Rob Maxwell - Tom Maroon
    • Gwendolyn Astor - Aby James
  • Voice Talent (We Gather In Your Name)
    • Cody Kostbar
    • Paige Sklar
    • Cutler Fairbairn
    • Nancy Niles
    • Kevin Berner