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Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Before Springvale: Tempered Stone took shape, we started by building a “proof-of-concept” game in Unity. We ultimately changed the direction for Springvale: Tempered Stone, so this 3d concept game became known as “Springvale: Vestigial Melody,” and we decided to wrap up the project anyway. While it’s no longer a good representation of the Tempered Stone project, it’s now a playable “demo” of what we can pull together with very limited resources. Our main focus form SV:VM was:

  • Story
  • Characterization
  • Music

During the development process we learned a lot about the resources it takes to create a great video game. We worked with a writer, a concept artist, and a 3d artist, as well as voice actors and musicians. There were some setbacks along the way, but each of these provided a unique opportunity for us to analyze and asses our process, which lets us better predict and better overcome any future roadblocks.

(Download Link coming soon)

Here's the full Vestigial Melody soundtrack, as well as a quick video of one of one of the choir recording sessions.

Full Credits for Springvale: Vestigial Melody

  • Director - Alex Berner
  • Composer - Alex Berner
  • Narrative Architect - Chris Presto
  • Scriptwriting - Chris Presto
  • Creative Direction - Alex Berner, Chris Presto
  • Project Management - Chase Harris
  • Programming (Unity) - Chase Harris
  • Marketing Research & Consultation - Cody Kostbar
  • Concept Art - MJ Pajaron
  • 3D Character Models - Abraham Leal
  • Voice Acting
    • Narrator - Drew Hoyt
    • Ira Alvar - Drew Hoyt
    • Celia Haar - Paige Sklar
    • Rob Maxwell - Tom Maroon
    • Gwendolyn Astor - Aby James
  • Voice Talent (We Gather In Your Name)
    • Cody Kostbar
    • Paige Sklar
    • Cutler Fairbairn
    • Nancy Niles
    • Kevin Berner