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Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Before Springvale: Tempered Stone took shape, we started by building a “proof-of-concept” game in Unity. We ultimately changed the direction for Springvale: Tempered Stone, so this 3d concept game became known as “Springvale: Vestigial Melody,” and we decided to wrap up the project anyway.

Archipelago, Game Music & Sound Design

For the game Archipelago, the goal was to create music that transports the imagination.  We wanted the player's mind to wander in a similar way to the adventure they are participating in.

Archipelago is an adventure-survival game where you explore islands and scavenge in the hopes of surviving long enough find a way out of the archipelago.

Our composition cues day and night differences,. The night time soundscape needed to evoke the sense that it was a particularly dangerous time to be moving around as the island, and hint that this place is full of treacherous beasts. Because surviving isn’t easy we incorporated ominous components.  A major game objective is to collect resources for players to sustain themselves, which we cued through thoughtful, tempered music scoring.

Global Game Jam 2016: "Morning Ritual Simulator"

Creating a game in 48 hours is a thrilling and daunting task.  Not for the faint of heart, the annual Global Game Jam allows the bravest and boldest to show off their geek prowess by collaborating on quickly-designed projects.

Alex and Chase of MojoFilter Media were created the audio as part of a collaborative team which put together a game called "Morning Ritual Simulator."  The quirky themed game needed sound which enhanced the narrative realistically while maintaining the humorous spirit intended in the project.

Theme Music: "Tooth Fairy"

Alex gets a mood in his head and he needs to get it into sound.  This short, thematic composition was inspired less by the clichés we normally associate with the eponymous fairy, but rather captures the darker ideas of a creature who comes and stalks children in the night for bits of bone.  

Moody, catchy and intense, it's a piece Alex will return to and flesh out further, perhaps as a component of a larger project.