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Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Springvale: Vestigial Melody

Before Springvale: Tempered Stone took shape, we started by building a “proof-of-concept” game in Unity. We ultimately changed the direction for Springvale: Tempered Stone, so this 3d concept game became known as “Springvale: Vestigial Melody,” and we decided to wrap up the project anyway.

Global Game Jam 2016: "Morning Ritual Simulator"

Creating a game in 48 hours is a thrilling and daunting task.  Not for the faint of heart, the annual Global Game Jam allows the bravest and boldest to show off their geek prowess by collaborating on quickly-designed projects.

Alex and Chase of MojoFilter Media were created the audio as part of a collaborative team which put together a game called "Morning Ritual Simulator."  The quirky themed game needed sound which enhanced the narrative realistically while maintaining the humorous spirit intended in the project.


Chase wanted to know if an entire work could emerge from the sounds contained within one word.  (Chase likes to explore sound ideas.) What better word to choose for this experiment than the word "scrutiny?"

Every sound from this track was taken from the sounds of contained within the word "scrutiny" as it was spoken in his voice while reading the quote from Maajid Nawaz: "No idea is above scrutiny, no person beneath dignity."

Processing, resampling and intricate recoordination of the small set of sounds was achieved through using several tools, including among gthem:Ableton Live 9

  • Max 7 & Max for Live
  • Soundhack
  • Cecilia
  • Michael Norris plugins